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tirsdag, desember 25, 2007


Finally home for christmas. Really, really nice to relax for a few weeks now. Or, not that long left, in a week I'm leaving for Bergen again, and then to Austria!! Weeee.. Can't wait about that.

Anyway, from me to all of you


torsdag, november 22, 2007

Norway, the best country in the world

I didn't say it, Michael Moore did. This is the part of the movie Sicko he cut out of the movie, cause it was too fantastic to believe :D

lørdag, november 17, 2007

a tiny update..

hmm, suddenly I realise I haven't written anything for almost 2 months. I guess nobody reads this anymore, but now the exam-period is closing in and I need something to do to keep myself from studying. My first exam is not untill 30th of november, and of course I can't focuse..

Since last time.. Life isn't so sweet anymore, for a lot of reasons. But of course there are some highlights, like my birthday-party (yes, I'm now officially 22...). Pil baked me a cake (yes, I know it was one of those cakes that's almost done, you just add water and put it in the oven, but still..)
and yes, I know I look a bit crazy on this picture, but CAKE :D

Well, I guess I should go back to the books, since all I have read since I came here over one hour ago, is 1/2 page. And I found out the purpose of my life, become a drugaddict (at least according to a quiz I took on start.no. Good to know

tirsdag, september 25, 2007

Life is sweet..

Yep, no doubt about it, life is sweet these days:) For some weird reason I'm mostly walking around with a smile on my face, except those days I'm just stressed and pissed. Cause that happens too you know. It's all that bloody rain, autumn is setting in. But it haven't been that bad yet, so the pissed and stressed part is not dominating.

I was home this weekend, and since I didn't bring any of my schoolbooks, I ended up having the most relaxing weekend ever! It's something about not having your books around, you simply can't do anything about it! At first you feel somehow stressed, there are so many things you should do. But soon you just drift along, not worrying about a single thing. That means lazy, long mornings followed by days of doing nothing. LOVE IT!

And I got my new computer before the weekend. So far I'm just positive about it, and SOOOO much better than my last one. It's a Compaq nx7400, if that tells you anything. It's a tiny bit bigger than my old one, but it feels lighter. And it goes faster, has bigger memory.. Yep, everything is better.

I have been a bit lazy with the pictures lately, so I thought I could put some out now. First and foremost from the beautiful wedding we attended some weeks ago:

When there is no glasses for beer, they take what they find:P

It was raining cats and dogs that day.

The lovely couple cutting up the cake

And, to show how fun we have it in our house, this is some pics from the housewarmingparty we had last weekend.

And yes, these 3 people is the ones I live with. The one on the last picture is moving out in a couple of weeks, a shame really. Hope the girl that moves in, brings as much life into this house as he did.

There is one more girl in our little world, but she was not at that party.

torsdag, august 30, 2007

Back at school.

Damn, these days go fast. Just realised that it has been 2 weeks since I updated my blog. Thought it was only some days.

Well, nothing much has happened really. School has started again, tjohei. Both good and bad about that. And these physisist are not nice people. First of all, I have lectures EVERY day 8.15 in the morning (maybe I shouldn't complain about this one since I totally chose the courses myself). Second, this is a conversation between me and one of my professors this week, after we had whole last week with the two lectures together without break (that means 1 hour 45 min):

Me: I was just wondering if we could have a break between the two lectures.
Him(in a not-nice voice): I thought we were all adults, so I just assumed that it was ok to not have a break. After all, when you attend conferences, you often sit there for 3 hours without a break, so you should manage to sit here for this period of time.
Me: Well, it would just help my concentration..
Then I can't remember what he said, but it was with a voice that didn't hide that he thought I was really stupid to suggest such a thing. And the fact that no one of the other 5(!) people there backed me up... well, it didn't help.. At least we got our break. And all my courses seem really interesting, even though I don't understand a single thing in one of them. The good thing here is that nobody else does either:P

Other new schoolstuff: I decided my masterthesis yesterday. VERY short, I'm going to do experiments on stuff that could be parts of a new type of PET-scans(medical equipment). In my opinion, if sounds really interesting, and I'm soooo looking forward to start.

Ooo, I almost forgot, I have an office now:D I'm sharing the room with some other people, also nuclearphysisists (damn, there were a lot of s's in that word). So this means I don't have to carry my books everywhere. Nice.

I'm so looking forward to the next weeks, there's a lot happening. And who knows, maybe I'll get a visit or two as well:D

tirsdag, august 14, 2007

And then the summer was gone..

Suddenly it was over, and I'm back in Bergen. Not much new happened the last few weeks, I was away a bit, people left, people came back, worked a lot, spent time with friends, some hikes in the mountain and more goodbyes. Hate goodbyes, but it has happened a lot the last couple of months now.

Well, guess I should start where I left off. Not sure if I can remember all, so just take "the big" stuff. Guess the first thing is Jotunheimen.
I went there with a friend of mine, Johan. He is going far, far north to study this fall, so it was a sort of goodbye-trip. He is my training-buddy, always drags me up Fløien, so think it's going to be weird going up there without him. But I'll manage, as always.
Anyway, on a fine Tuesday morning around 7, I got in my car and drove to Gol, which is around 4 hours drive, where I picked up Johan, who came from Bergen by train. Then we drove up to Gjendesheim, which lies in Jotunheimen. Originally we were planning to take a boat to the end of Gjende (which is a small lake), and then go to the middle of it, to Memurubu and stay the night there. This was changed, and we walked from Gjendesheim to Memurubu, over Besseggen, the first day instead. The plan was to take this the last day, because we were wearing big backpacks and had heard that it was better to go Besseggen the other way instead. But because of fine weather and Johan wanting to walk immediately the first day, Besseggen it was! And I don't regret it! We started around 1000moh, and the highest point on the trip was 1743moh, so it's ok as first day trip:P
The view up there was quite stunning, just look at this:
Really near the top, with the view of our startingpoint
Johan, sitting on the edge..

This is where we went down.. steep

5.5 hours from we started from Gjendesheim, we arrived on Memurubu. It's estimated to take 7 hours, so I'm ok with that:) And there we had a good dinner, after that a glass of wine for me and beer for him before heading off to bed quite early.

The destination the second day was Surtningssue, 2368 moh. We didn't start as early as wanted, but what can you do :P The bed (ehm, mattress is more correct) was to tempting.. Anyway, after a good breakfast we started to walk around 11, the first part was straight up for half an hour.
This is where we went up the first part. Down there somewhere is Memurubu

Then a tiny break before walking first straight ahead and then some up again. Then break before this was the next step:

I really have to admit that seeing the mountain you are about to climb covered in mist/fog/clouds is NOT helping your motivation. But, we started to climb it. Even though the first part was straight up (and I really mean STRAIGHT up), it was the part after that that was truly tough. At this point we couldn't see a thing, only 5-10 m ahead, but according to Johan we were now not that far from the top, only 10 min walking. Considering that I was now tired and my hip hurted like hell, I was really happy about this. But then we walked for 10-15 min and we bumped into some people. I asked if it was long until we reached the top, and they smiled encouraging and told me it was not far. I was sooo happy until the next few words "Only around 30-45 min". I think my smile ran off my face. Not what I expected or wanted to hear.

So we continued, because we were going to the top, no matter what. At the end of the trip I was so down that all I wanted to do was lie down and scream. My hip was not better, I was cold, there was a lot of wind, and it actually had started to SNOW. It was also still foggy (strange, since we were walking in the middle of a fucking cloud) so we had no idea where the top was but FINALLY we were there. I have never been more happy to hear the words "Here is the top" as I was back then. And just for the record, I didn't complain about it when I was there. I HATE people complaining, so I try not to do that. But in order to not complain, I didn't say that much the last 45 min:P

Finally at the top

We sat at the top for a few minutes, then walked down again with a small stop in a small hut on the way, just to eat some food, get some new energy. Once I got the heat in me, everything was ok. Then we got out of the cloud and we were heading down the steepest part again.

Before arriving at Memurubu again, we slided on some snow, walked along a river, drank more of the amazing mountain water and pretty much had a great time.

I have to tell you, the best feeling in the world is to come down again from a long trip, sit down and take your shoes off. Amazing! Just the feeling of being really tired in every single muscle in your body. Indescribable!
That night we had a really good dinner (ate of course too much), before putting our stuff in our room. This night we actually had a room, the first we slept on mattresses on the floor sharing with a lot of people, this night in beds sharing with 4 other. We had brought some wine with us, so we decided this was the evening to celebrate. We had plans of just sitting in our room, but people wanted to sleep, so we put on a lot of clothes and found a table outside. And that wine was the best tasting wine I've had in a long time! Yummi.

Early the next morning Johan decided to JOGG from Memurubu to Gjendesheim. We were planning to take the boat to Gjendesheim and then drive to Rondane and have a trip there friday, but it was only me that took that boat. Recall that we walked the same distance, only the other way with big backpacks, in 5.5 hours. This maniac used 2 hours 20 min!! That's insane. And I also think he destroyed the motivation for around 300 people that day!
Johan was (surprisingly) a bit sore in his legs when he came back, so we decided just to go home that day.

When I was driving home, I passed our cabin/hut in the mountains, and to all my foreign friends, this is some of what you can expect if we ever arrange a trip up here:D

The rest of the summer was working, saying goodbye to people, and of course some trips in the mountains. Here is some pictures:
Ok, for now only 1, but more to come. Here: Svinestranda

Wops, the summer was gone. I have to say, no matter what Sylvia says, it has been a great (!) summer. Yes, it has been raining a lot (means no sun), and yes, we did not climb Skåla this year either, but my summer has still been great, and I have a lot of wonderful memories from it. Of course I wish it had been more sunny, but you can't have it all, can you? At least I got the sun in Vietnam.

And then I was in Bergen again:D I have a new appartment, have moved almost everything I need. I'm sharing with 4 other, and they seem quite nice, 2 girls and 2 boys. Curious to see how things work out. I'm in general quite curious about a lot of things this fall, and looking forward to it. Now I'm facing a lot of catching up with the people here, some parties and then of course the start of my master. Wish me good luck!

søndag, juli 22, 2007


First and foremost, we have actually seen the sun the last couple of days:D It's amazing!! Lovely. Almost forgot what it looked like:P

The first thing worth mentioning since tuesday, is a mountainhike I did on thursday. It's the first of the year in Norway, the other places I have been going to is not mountains, lust small hills:P
It was me and Sylvia that decided to go up, that means we talked about it the day before and she dragged me out on the day, since I was really up for just sitting inside that day.. But what a trip! Really nice to go upwards again. It was very hard the last 10 min, but sooo worth it.
Almost at the top, stopping for filling water in our bottles.

This is where we are heading. Not that far left..

The mountain is called Traudalsnibba, and is 1125 meters high I think, and they say you should expect to use 3 hours, but that's just bullshit. We used 2,5 hours, up AND down. And we did not go fast!

The feeling you have when you are finally at the top, is just undescribable. Love it. It was a bit cold that day, a bit windy, so we didn't stay that long at the top, but the view is stunning from up there..
At the top, pretty satisfied with ourselves:)

On friday I went to see my grandparents. A very relaxing day, and I also met one of my aunts and her family. Very nice.

Then saturday came along. I think this is the most beautiful day I have had so far during the summer. Most of the day there were not a single sky in sight, just blue,blue and a big, nice sun! It was also time for Nabolagscupen, which is a footballtournament that takes place here in summer. It's just for fun, and I had a nice time watching and at the same time soaking up the sun.
Later the same day we were some girls sitting with Synnøve before heading out. That is, it was me and Synnøve and at the beginning Gudrun, which was exchanged with Sylvia. Nice to just be the girls. There were also an amazing sunset that day! Just see:

Gudrun, me and Synnøve

And then we headed out to the local bar, and met a lot of people :) Always fun!